A Merciless Past

We left the central city of Mourning under orders from the Witch-king to go to some ruins. While I don’t personally like dealing with the dictator-like Witch-king, he is currently the only aware of the Twin Goddess’s plans. He gave myself (Lupin) a cloak and wanted me to join his “secret police.”

I agreed, on the stipulation that I would need to keep moving. He had the party leave, but held me behind. He said that he “knew what I was”. We left Mourning and head towards the ruins. During this time we encountered a necromancer and he joined up with us, since he was “interrogating” a Twin Goddess worshiper. We slept that night.

During the night I left the spot where we were sleeping, with the excuse of “going for a run”. The next morning the party found me laying away from the rest of them in a curled up position. While still asleep, they tracked where I was and found that the footprints changed from human, to wolf, and back again.

They questioned me and I could hide it no longer. I admitted to being a lycanborn. I was totally in control of my power. However as I began to explain why I hid it, we were attacked by many monks wielding silvered weapons. They are other lycan-monks from the monastery, and they have finally found me…

-Lupin Gideon

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