A man sworn to the virtues of undeath


Zelius is your average human male…that worships the Queen of the damned. As one of her most faithfully sworn, Zelius hunts the worshipers of the Twins and slays them, animating them to his own will should their services be nessecary.

Zelius wears teal robes over his leather armor and carries a short bow and scimitar with him, rarely relying on the later.


Zelius was born under the eyes of the Van Helsing organization, which in time he began to dispise. When he was born his parents were slain in thheir sleep and he was soon adopted by a man named Count Druken. Druken, a vampire lord had long evaded the Helsings but on Zelius’ return from schooling in a far away mages academy, he arrived as one of the Helsing’s swiftblades, Miugi Mizuka, beheaded his adopted father and vanished from sight.

Turning to the Queen of the Damned’s words, he worshiped her and all she stood for. He began to dress like like a flustered studet, wearing bright colors that complemented, he brushed his hair and wore it in braids and tails. He began plotting his revenge of the Helsing organization and how to make undeath benifit his cause. He decided on bait.


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