The Witch King

Lord of Bones and King of the burning sands


Normally comcealed behind a red veil in his iron throne, Kassian stands five feet 9 inchs tall and has the build of a normal human male in peek physical condition. He leaves his hair a ragged mess atop his head and wears a black suit of studded leather adorned with skulls on the right shoulder, both knees and on the toes of his boots. When he is in the rarely seen combat he weilds the great spear Thanifix and commands wraiths and other undead to aid him from thin air.


The Witch King Kassian is ruler of Demor. In his kingdom carved into the burning sands he has divided the state into twelve baronies, each incharge of a “baron”. These barons are 12 bone lords, special 3 headed undead devoted entirly to the lord of bones…the Witch King. Each barony is seceretly a front for his seceret society of warlocks, necromancers and drow elves.

The Lord of Bones controls undead outside of the pantheons of the Queen of the Damned and the Twins, nearly to the point where he has acquired a following so large he could rise to the ranks of demi god. What is stoping him, nobody knows.

The Witch King

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