Ssarad, Half red dragon death knight (human) Swordsage 14/ Master of Nine 5 HP:228 AC:39 (10 base+8 armor+5 dex+6 natural+7 wisdom,+8 bracers) STR:30 DEX:21 Con:x Wis:25 Int:20 Cha:19

Saves: Reflex+16/will+20

BAB 23/18/13/8

Attack: Bite +23/18 (1d6+10) Claw +23/18 (1d4+10) +5 Energy Bow +28/22/17/12 (2d6+6) +5 keen, impedance, flaming Maga sword +28/22/17/12 (2d6/1d4+1d6 fire+10 16-20×2) +5 forceful throwing/retutning beam saber (1d8+1+1d8 force fire; touch attack 18-20×2)

Special: immune to fire, Darkvision 60, Turn immunity, DR 15/+1, Summon mount, undead traits, undead followers, touch, Abyssal blast, Fear aura, immunity to cold, electricity and polymorph, SR 29, Discipline focus insightful strike(shadow hand), Quick to act+3, Evasion, Discipline focus defensive stance( setting sun, Discipline focus insightful (Desert wind), AC bonus, Discipline focus weapon ( desert wind), Mastery of 9, counter stance, perfect form, dual stance

Feats:Desert fire, improved natural armor, Desert wind dodge, imp unarmed, blind fight, improved init, Adaptive style, evasive reflexs

Skills:(242) Balance+27, Hide+27, Tumble+27, concentration+22, Sense motive+29, Jump+32 Martial lore+27,Listen+27, Spot+27, Knowledge Nature +27, Move silently+27, Know history+27

Inventory: Adventuring kit

Manuvers known:27 (=readied) Manuvers readied: 14 Stances known: 7 Maneuvers: Burning blade, Wind Stride, Sapphire nightmare blade, Mighty throw, Shadow blade technique, Charging minotaur, Wolf fang strike, Foehammer, Action before thought, Emerald Razor, Disarming strike, Baffling defense, Drain vitality, Shadow jaunt, Stone vise, Fan the flames, Insightful strike, Devastating throw, Bone crusher, Strike the broken sheild, Obscuring shadow veil, Inferno blast, Time stands still, 5 shadow creeping ice inervation strike, Shadow blink, Inferno blade

Stances:Rising Phenix, Ghostly defense, Step of the Dancing moth, Dancing blade form, hearing the air, Assassins stance, Black peral of doubt


Maga sword: Requiem Impedance: casters successfully hit by Requiem cannot cast for 1d6 rounds. Unlike other maga swords, it is deep crystal instead of mithril.


Ssarad is the son of High priest Ashalradon, the 13th rebirth of the Unborn Pyre. He exists to further the goals of his father and to expand the cult as seen fit.

What made him a death knight was not war but inconvenience. Overseeing operations at a small village, a batallion of paladins had caught wind of what was deemed unholy and blasphemous to their order. By night fall the cultists and paladins had begun to fight. Within the first hour Ssarads special unit, the Frxrass(Fire Blades in draconic) has slew the paladins first wave. By midnight Ssarad and his men lay dead. When Ashalradon arrived the next day to clean up the mess, he refused to let his own blood pass on. Ssarads undeath is both blessing and punishment, he cherishs his father in a sense, yet is damned to never pass on.


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