Shaper10/Necromancer10/Cerbermancer10(Necro by title, not specialization) HD 30 270hp AC52 Str19 Dex21 Con18 Int42 Wis20 Cha25

Attack+17/+12/+7/+2 Saves Fort:15/Ref:16/Will:25

Attacks: (Fissure)+5 Scythe of keen +40/35/30/25

SpecialScribe scroll, summon familiar, dicipline

Feats:Boost construct, Blood of my Fore father, psionic endowment, greater psionic endowment, oppurtunity power, unconditional power, twin power, Otherworldly, ignore material components, craft universal item, silent spell, leadership, iron will,great fort,lightning reflex, still spell, quicken power, quicken spell, epic leadership

SkillsConcentration+36, Knowledge(Arcana/Psionics)+43, Profession(preacher)+38, Use psionic device+38, Use magic device +38, Bluff+39, Craft(gormet meals)+43, profession(chef)+38, Knowledge(forbidden lore)+43, Decihper script+25, Spell/psicraft+43

Spell points:420 0- 1-lesser ord of force, summon undead 1 2-(command undead, repair mod, rainbow beam, combust) 3-(haste, Halt undead, greater mage armor, bands of steel, undead torch) 4-(Vortex of teeth, animate undead, force missle) 5-(permenancy, wall of force, earth reaver, all-sleep 6-(Geas, undeath to death, create undead, eye bite,extract water elemental, Incorperal nova) 7-(final rebuke, ghost trap, glass strike, energy ebb) 8-(Horrid wilting, Create greater undead, clone, avascular mass) 9-(Gate, wail of the banshee, enervating breath, plague of undead, sphere of ultimate destruction)

Power Points:473 Powers known:36 Power level:9 1-Astral construct, Catfall, Control flames, Deja vu, Detect psionics, force screen, inertial armor 2-Psionic repair, Energy stun, identify, swarm of crystals 3-Ecto cocoon, energy bolt, telekenetic thrust, time hop 4-Quintessence, psionic fabricate, Death Urge, Trace Teleport, Mind wipe 5-Hail of crystals, Incarnate, Power resistance, Psychic Crush, True seeing 6-Crystallize, Retrive, Disintergrate 7-Energy wave, decerebrate, ultra blast 8-Astral seed, matter manipulation, recall death 9-Reality Revision

1,473,285 Items:Fissure, 2 spellbooks(300pages), 30 scrolls of time stop(bag of holding type 1), 30 scrolls of meteor swarm(bag of holding type 1), 50 scrolls of animate dead(BoH1), 30 Scroll of summon monster9(BoH1), 5 wands of infilict crit, Bracers of armor+8,Amulet of natural armor+5, Bag of Holding type 4, Cubic Gate, Crystal ball with trueseeing, Iron flask, Daerns instant fortress[Libary of Necromanic scrolls] 10 scrolls of revive undead, 5 scrolls of howling chain, psi crown of feiry ruinx3,psi crown of astral legion x3. psi crown of the travler x3 bag of holding type 4(100 dorjes, 50 mindblast, 50 inertial armor), Mithril chainshirt of twilighted heavy fort, portable hole of black sand,wand of enfeeblement

Spell Book:  Soul bind, Wail of the Banshee,Gate, Imprisionment, Clone, Create Greater Undead, Horrid wilting, Symbol of death, Maze, Sunburst, Control Undead, Finger of death, Greater teleport, Phase Door, Undeath to death, Circle of death, Create undead, Eye bite, Geas, Mass suggestion, Repulsion, Greater Dispel Magic, Permenancy, Magic Jar, Symbol of Pain, Wall of Force, Enervation, Bestow curse, animate undead, Ice storm, Haste, Command Undead,Enervating Breath, plague of undead, Awaken Construct, Greater Dragon ally, Veil of Undeath, Avascular mass,Sphere of Ultimate Destruction, Awaken Undead, Incoperal Nova, Earth Reaver, Burning blood, Vortex of teeth, Orb of force, Death armor, stolen breath howling chain, extract water elemental, halt undead, ghoul gauntlet, final rebuke, ghost trap, glass strike, energy ebb, greater mage armor, repair mod damage, bands of steel, Rainbow beam, Combust, lesser orb of force, summon undead 1, undead torch, force missle, all-sleep

Followers:90 lvl 1 human warriors, 9 lvl2 human adepts(diviners), 5 lvl 3 human experts,3 lvl4 human aristocrats, 2 lvl 5 human clerics, 1 lvl 6 human adept(conjurer) Cohort: special (cohort is a skeleton of a dragon of unknown origin kept seceret in the necro ship)

Necroship: A Castle made of bone, it has a fly speed of a Gallion(as if it were a boat) And is made of the bones of various creatures. Inside it has a door with the pavillion of grandour spell on it where his follower go to worship Ashalradon aswell as enjoy themselves.  The full ship has:

Basic Armory (1ss, 475g) Basic Bath (0.5ss, 380g) Basic Bedroom (1ss, 665g) Basic Bedroom (1ss, 665g) Basic Bedroom (1ss, 665g) Basic Common Area (1ss, 475g) Basic Common Area (1ss, 475g) Basic Dining Room (2ss, 1800g) Gatehouse (0.5ss, 950g) Basic Kitchen (1ss, 1800g) Basic Throne Room (1ss, 1800g) Basic Library (1ss, 475g) 

25 weapon storage. 1 bathroom. Bedrooms for 6 people, apartment sized. Ballroom (Common Area) Bone Room (Common Area) Dining room for 30 people. Kitchen to feed 15 people at a time. A library with room for 2 subjects, or in this case plenty of scrolls. A throne room for 20 guests. 

12ss Quote: My necropolis, the Aldran will descend like so many arrows upon the battle-field.”   Fissure Fissure is a +5 keen scythe with the following powers: -Gate at will to summon planar beings as allies -True strike always on

The weapon has the femur of Ashalradon as its handle and a deep crystal blade. It is also his focus in casting

Quote: “My fore-fathers life was forefit to forge this weapon, and only those bearing his name may weild it.”   Fiery Ruin 750 pp PK:energy ball, energy cone, energy missile, energy stun, fiery incorporation Legacy abilities: Locate object 3/day Cunning(can never be flanked) Ability score increase+6(to intelligence, only selectable once, ever)


Quote: “My will is not evil, it is misunderstood. Reality is a matter of perception and you only perceive what has been programed into you.”  


Raised by a dragon preistess of his great fore father Ashalradon, the strange human was born with crimsion red hair and a dedicated hunger of the necromatic arts, Ashalradon the 13th. His mother was a master of leading the procession, a true preist and her clerical abilities were granted by the ghost of the great dragon himself. She went as far as to hire his teacher to go further than controling the undead, he taught him to make them sentient. A protege from day one Ash as he was called opened his ‘special’ power as the 13th of his lineage. He was a shaper. Useing the skills he had acuired from the arcane, he took his constructs past just controling them, he gave them sentiance. When the town found his fruitful research and the cult, they set out on a witch hunt, killing off the members during one visious spell filled night. The slaughter served only one purpose, and that was for him to raise a mass army of undead like none have seen before and in only a short while, reaved his enemies to peices. Unfortunetly, not soon enough to save his mother from a mercenaries sword. But another undead joined the horde.

Ashalradon reformed the cult, and became the High Preist. He was grand at his preaching, able to inspire the utmost love for the dragon who spawned his blood line. It was a long run that he had, although young he was able to die a “hero” of sorts. Even necromancy has its place and on the field of the 4th great war Ashalradon stood by the generals of the 7 heavens and did what no dark necromancer would have done. To score the last needed victory he reanimated the corpses of archons and angels and mortal men, much to the dislike of the lich lords he fought agianst and sent a neverending army of undead into an already exaghusted army of darkness and undead. The lichs having no more magic to them, were slain in one final martial combat when Ashalradons Astral Constructs assualted from the rear, tearing the casting line to bits. Title of hero wouldnt have sit well with him but he had a better idea. Taking a horde of undead, from both sides, he held the grand kingdom captive. Under the circumstance of the royal family unprotected, Ash had his demands well made and had his son born into the royal blood line, the cult became a church and his powers of creation and undeath were classified in the oracle hall.

He died soon after assassinated by the enraged king who, knowing that his grandson was the rightful heir, could only kill his father. Ashalradon took the king with him, sending a deadly skeletal minion disguised as a messenger before the actual murders took place. The true motive was never found but it was rumored Ash the 13th became a lich and went into hiding, which was a lie.

Still marked as the greatest hero in the grand kingdom, the necromancer had cheated death on 2 accounts. He had a clone activate and reappeared on the astral plane a-o.k, and watched over his son in a special tomb where he could remain his pure youth until undeath. His time was bided, watching over his many decentents through the eyes of his clones until the end came. A fitting end for a “hero” of his type.

A fine question to be asked is how? How did he truely stay so young? Hearts. Ashalradon took it upon himself to devour the heats of demons and devils that failed his needs and in essence became a legacy on both planes, almost as feared as Asmodeous, or in some cases the EEEP. But he was a mortal who had a life inside a crypt of bones, worshiped by followers that he brought into the afterlife. Sadly he gained a streak as a dark legend, a curse among fiend kind and he lived on, portrayed as a visage of terror, so his clones were never found, but luckily, somewhere, there is an army of himself aswell as a room full of inactive clones waiting their chance at life. His room is dedicated to research, shaping, and self enjoyment.

His ‘eternity’ in the necroship wasnt a full eternity, he did much, much more than sit and watch his bloodline fade. He made sure his clones had clones, who in turn had clones who also had clones, that also had a bpdy waiting for HIM. His astral seed is located in the necroship, already implanted in a new body, waiting for him to die so he can become 2 of one.


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