Maer, the name of this realm I the 4th Lorekeeper and it is here I shall tell you of this world of conflict. At the begining of the fourth cycle of days when the Great One again renewed the corrupted world, he deemed a balance of power nessecary. So by thhis he divided the pantheon into two factions, the Pure and the Corrupt. The Pure consisted of Thyton himself the god pf balance, Seer the goddess of war and flame and Azanarr the god of dragons and magic. These three represented all that was good; the balance of nature, the sport of combat and the warmth of flame and the progressive uses for magic. The Corrupt were made up of The Twins, a pair of goddesses of undeath and chaos, The Queen of the damned who represented beauty and vengance and Karban the god of the afterlife and torture. These three represented chaos, vanity and the end.

Soon after they established their domains and they began to aquire mortal followers, the Twin goddesses Rea and Nea birth the first lich into the world. Named Quzzin’eran the lich declared himself their heirophant and as his followers ammassed, weather by by free will or mind control, he cut across the lan in a swath of decay and blashphemy. The other goods could not intervene and force the Twins to halt the lichs plan, for by divine pact was each allowed to his own. Soon this angered Karban and the Queen of the damned (their triplet) whos domains were being infringed upon. Without life there could be no beauty and nor could an afterlife exist for the worthy. So they channeled themselves to the material and spoke with their most devout followings, telling them to raise an army to fight the undead swarm. These followers knew that they alone were to few in number with many of theirs already part of the enemy. So they enlisted the aid of the champions of good, Zoric the paladin, Terra the mage and Silvarius the dragon. Togther the armies of good and evil marched on the greater foe, defending the world and banishing the goddesses. However in the battle, the arch mage Terra was struck blind, Silvarius dewinged and Zoric slain in a final attempt to slay the twins archlich general. In a way they succeded, for the lich was banished to a hell of his own by Karban.

The world rebuilt in the aftermath and Zoric’s statue stand till this day outside of Thytons grand temple in Dragonskeep. The year is now of the Witch King, a master of necromancy for no purpose but his. The world watchs ignorantly as the godesses claim new champions and seek to yet again tip the blance of order…


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